FlowScape – Create 3D Scenes by Painting
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there is no need to create a vdb, but it works yes

by Laurent BIAL
1 days ago

Super taf! ;)

Ted Bundy's car? :D

FlowScape - Create 3D Scenes by Painting
9 September, 2019

Have you heard about FlowScape? It is an app that lets users create their own nature scenes simply by painting.

The toolkit provides 20 landscapes and more than 300 models to create scenes by painting trees, changing the sky, rotating the sun, adding sound effects and adjusting a camera.

There’s an intuitive interface, an ever-growing community, and free content updates. The toolbar features advanced paint options such as align to landscape, size, the flow of the brush, random leaning, grow speed, and layers to determine where things get painted. You can drop objects such as rocks, logs, twigs and leaves using real-time physics to set up scenes.

Well, it’s not a full-featured game engine or a 3D modeling app, but that’s a nice way to play with 3D scenes if you lack essential skills and just want to have fun. You can learn more and get the app on Steam.

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This is so damn amazing. I love it!!!! How is this comparable to ue4 or similar game engines when creating environments? And also after creating environment in this program, than is it possible to export it to game engine? This program is so dope really <3333

Pixel Forest
Pixel Forest

A bit of a surprise to see FlowScape shared here. Just to be clear, this is in no way a serious tool to compete with any high end software, it creates images and animations, it does not export scenes. I have spent 20 years in VFX and created this for non technical people to let them create 3d scenes without needing to spend 100s of hours learning 3d software, its very easy to use and you guys are most definitely not my target market 🙂 as you have way more power and options at your fingertips. You can check out… Read more »


Can the scenes be viewed in VR?


still you made an amazing job. big thanks.


Bought it!


awesome stuff!!!!!!!!!