Fluid Flux Developer Showcases Impressive New Water Simulation

Unreal Engine works magic in Krystian Komisarek's hands.

Image credit: Krystian Komisarek

Krystian Komisarek, the developer of the Fluid Flux water system powered by Unreal Engine, shared a new demonstration of the engine's might. 

The artist showed off smooth realistic waves hugging a glass dome in the middle of the ocean. He used UE's visual scripting to achieve the impressive result as it prevents him from "overengineering things."

One of his biggest achievements is Fluid Flux, a system based on 2D shallow-water fluid simulations. It works well with underlying terrain slopes as well as arbitrary water depth and supports wet-dry region tracking.

Here are some of its features:

  • Realtime shallow water simulation – fluid data modifiers, wave generator, and extendable interface
  • Fluid surface rendering – caustics, wetness, underwater, waterline, advected foam, advected waves, blending with the ocean, dynamic audio detection
  • Fluid Interaction – simple cheap ripple solver moving with character, optimized to an absolute minimum
  • Ocean wave blending – rendering tillable ocean heightmap texture in a single pass
  • Niagara environment interaction – High-quality effects, bouncy, plants, character swimming, boats,
  • Clean, efficient, GPU friendly implementation, interface designed with the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) rule in mind

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