Free Western Desert Town Set for UE4

340 modular assets for your western environments.

Go grab a free pack featuring a set of modular blocks that let you create different building variations and assets for western environments. It comes with a Blueprint system for you to change the building colors and Materials. Also, there are modular building interiors and a large library of different props, doors, furniture, etc.

The pack features a huge desert environment with different nature assets like grass, hay, cactus, and dead tree models. There are an advanced rock material and a set of rock formations, plus Landscape Material with 4 layer support, adaptive tessellation, and tri-planar mapping with landscape grass system.

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  • Over 340+ models and 246 Textures
  • Modular building blocks and Blueprints with customization control
  • Mines and cave assets with mining cart railing blueprint
  • Interiors with a large set of props and furniture
  • Buildings like church, saloon, general store, hotel, sheriff office, and bank included
  • Large desert environment
  • Different nature assets like grass, hay, and cactus models
  • Set of rock models with advanced rock Material with distance field blending
  • Dynamic lighting with day and night cycle and rain support
  • 4 layer tessellation landscape material
  • Built-in colliders for assets
  • LODs for models
  • Procedural spawning for rocks and foliage

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