GrowInfinite Toolkit for Houdini

Check out a useful new collection of HDAs.

Fx Mode presented GrowInfinite, a new collection of 37 HDAs that lets users create tree and plant growth simulations in Houdini. The toolkit allows you to grow plants from scratch with numerous customizable parameters.


  • Create growth ready plants from scratch
  • Control branch density/rotation and scale by just one keyframe on growth
  • Growth-based bend/noise/gravity controls with constant point number from start to finish
  • Gravity control from base/top, force created from parent directions
  • Local and global twist deformer
  • Growth-based displacement and UVs
  • Produce colors by length, growth, UV, depth, etc. 
  • More

You can learn more and get the collection for $20+ (subscription-based) here.

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