Halo TV Series Trailer Revealed

Paramount+ has released the first full trailer for the upcoming show.

The official trailer for the upcoming Halo TV series has been released. In the trailer, you can see Master Chief played by Pablo Schreiber, Jen Taylor's Cortana, and some enemies including the Elites (Sangheili) and Brutes (Jiralhanae).

The show will be different from the game series and will have its own canon, as confirmed by Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill.

"We're referring to this as the Halo Silver Timeline as a way of differentiating it from core canon," Wolfkill said. "In both protecting core canon and protecting the television story, and by that, I mean being able to give ourselves the chance to evolve both and for both to be what they need to be for their mediums without colliding with each other."

The show is scheduled to be released on 24 March 2022 on Paramount+. Pablo Schreiber and Jen Taylor will be joined by Danny Sapani's Jacob Keyes, Olive Gray's Miranda Keyes, Charlie Murphy's Makee, Yerin Ha's Quan Ah, Natascha McElhone's Catherine Halsey, Bokeem Woodbine's Soren-066, and others.

Halo is a common guest in the news recently, with Halo Infinite getting to the 20 million players mark, its Lead Narrative Designer joining Riot Games, and Halo's co-creator leading an Electronic Arts studio.

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