Helldivers 2 Director Explains Why Taking More Devs from Sony Isn't a Simple Solution to All Issues

It's important to keep a balance here. 

Image credit: Arrowhead, Helldivers 2

As we previously reported, following the launch of Helldivers 2, Arrowhead's developers faced lots of challenges stemming from their own success. The influx of players plagued the servers, which meant that the studio needed more people to support the game and its future content plans.

It seems that Arrowhead's CEO Johan Pilestedt perfectly understands the situation and the consequences that it can lead to, so he's trying to make balanced and well-thought-out decisions.

Pilestedt believes that overhiring and layoffs are detrimental to developers, describing these processes as a "horrible practice." He suggests that short-term issues can be addressed with short-term solutions like outsourcing or contracts. 

As you know, Arrowhead's team is working really hard on fixing the server problems and other issues, so Pilestedt took some time to praise their work, joking that what they did in one week is "like tuning a Vespa to compete in F1."

He also mentioned that Sony's developers were a great help and added that with more employees, you should maintain a balance since it takes time to onboard new ones, and it might disrupt the overall work of the team.

"Yeah, they're being really supportive! The trick is that it takes time away from our engineers to onboard new ones – so it's a bit of a balancing act.

Not to forget our partners such as Azure, Playfab, PSN, Steam, etc. Super helpful and really attentive," Arrowhead's CEO wrote on Twitter.

It does seem reasonable to be cautious about hiring more developers for many reasons. Besides, the industry has been facing hard times lately. Adding to that, investors also have become more careful with their money, as now is "the hardest times that the game industry has known."

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