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Here's a Comprehensive Guide on Working With Houdini's Flora Tools

SideFX continues showcasing the tools they used to create Project Pegasus.

Continuing to showcase the tools and techniques they used to create Project Pegasus, the SideFX team has launched a new series of comprehensive tutorials dedicated to Houdini's Flora, a set of prototype tools designed to model foliage naturally and realistically.

For those unaware, Project Pegasus is SideFX's in-house tech demo created to show how Houdini's procedural workflows can be used in combination with Unreal Engine 5's latest technologies to create stunning large-scale 3D environments. Following the project's completion back in November 2023, the team also released multiple learning materials and downloadable content, exploring the production process behind the project and showing how it was made.

The latest batch of tutorials covers the software's Flora tools, explaining the concept behind them, showing how they can be used to build complex and natural plant structures, and comparing them to other foliage tools. Please note that the tools themselves are currently in early development and are considered to be prototypes, with SideFX saying that they "represent the basic concept of what could come with future Houdini foliage tools". You can check out the tutorials attached below or by visiting SideFX's official website:

And if you'd like to learn more about Project Pegasus itself, we highly recommend checking out our interview with CG Supervisor Ian Smith, who told us about becoming a Digital Artist, explained how he learned Houdini, and spoke at length about the production process behind the tech demo.

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