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Here's How You Can Simplify Your Retopology Workflow in Blender

In his new tutorial, Farrukh Abdur showed how the PolyQuilt add-on can level up your retopology workflow.

3D Artist and Game Developer Farrukh Abdur, whom you might know for creating high-quality stylized environments and assets using Blender, has published a great new tutorial explaining how you can level up your retopology workflow with the help of the PolyQuilt add-on.

For those unaware, PolyQuilt is a great all-around tool for Blender that adds several useful functions to the Edit mode, such as creating faces, a knife tool, fan, edge-loops, and more. Recently, the tool was updated to support Blender 4.0, enabling 3D Artists to leverage its capabilities in the software's more recent versions.

To help you get the hang of PolyQuilt, Farrukh has shared a new insightful guide explaining everything you need to know to get started, including the installation process, the add-on's features, and how it can be used to drastically simplify the retopology process in Blender. You can watch the full tutorial attached above or by visiting the artist's YouTube channel.

If you're interested in the topic, we also recommend checking out Farrukh's earlier tutorials on stylized art in Blender:

If you would like to learn more about Farrukh's production pipeline, we also recommend checking out our 2019 interview with the artist, where he shared a breakdown of the Blender-made stylized Japanese garden scene and discussed modeling, material creation, grass and water shader setup, lighting, and more.

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