Highly-Realistic Abandoned Toilet Scene Made With Blender

DeaVenom strikes again with one more lifelike 3D environment.

3D Artist and Professional Video Editor known only as DeaVenom has recently blown up on Reddit once again, getting nearly five thousands upvotes and more than a thousand comments in less than 24 hours with a new jaw-dropping 3D environment.

Staying on the topic of abandoned building interiors, the artist has set up a highly-realistic decrepit public toilet scene, complete with dirty, debris-covered floors, dilapidated walls with fallen-off tiles, and four urinals that, when compared to the rest of the environment, appear surprisingly tidy. To bring the location to life, DeaVenom leveraged Blender, a free and open-source 3D modeling, texturing, rendering, animation, and VFX software.

Adhering to the third rule of r/Blender, the artist has also shared a WIP shot that proves it is not a real-life photo:

Earlier this month, the creator also demonstrated what looks like a neglected locker room, created with Blender and Lightroom and stylized to look like a real-life photo:

And here are some of DeaVenom's previous works:

We highly encourage you to visit DeaVenom's Reddit page to check out more of their awesome projects.

And if you'd like to learn more about creating photorealistic renders in Blender, we also recommend reading a comprehensive breakdown shared recently by Rayan Zomorodi, who showed 80 Level the workflow behind the Windowsill project, explaining how he made the surface imperfections and tweaked rendering settings to make it look so realistic.

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