Houdini-Based Procedural Castle Wall Generator Inspired by Elden Ring

The tool allows its user to create and tweak stylized walls, windows, and archways.

Victor Kam, an experienced Digital Artist and Senior Tech Art Consultant at Unity Technologies, has showcased a new art project powered by SideFX's procedural 3D software, Houdini.

Utilizing the application, the artist has set up an impressive castle wall generator that allows its user to create and customize stylized walls, windows, and archways. Inspired by Elden Ring's ruins, the generator was designed primarily for concept work and kitbashing and is based on the techniques shared in Rick Banks' castle wall tutorial. "It's not always perfect but it's easy enough to hop into Blender or Zbrush to fix a few things here and there," commented the artist.

Here's an example of how the generated walls can be assembled in ZBrush into a small 3D castle ruins environment:

If you're interested, we also recommend checking out the entire tutorial series Victor's latest project is based on:

And here are some of the artist's earlier works, you can check out Victor's entire portfolio by visiting his ArtStation page:

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