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"I don’t care": New Vegas Director Is Not Among Fans Upset about Fallout TV Show

"It was never mine."

Image credit: Obsidian Entertainment | Fallout: New Vegas

The recent Fallout show has attracted a great amount of attention. However, some fans are not very happy about how it handled some of the games' facts, saying the showrunners altered New Vegas's events and excluded the game from the canon

The director of New Vegas, Josh Sawyer, doesn't have this issue. While he sees why players might be annoyed, Sawyer enjoys the series without thinking about Fallout's future. He is quite indifferent, in fact.

“This might sound weird, but whatever happens with it, I don’t care,” he told Rock, Paper, Shotgun. “My attitude towards properties that I work on, and even characters that I create, is that I don’t own any of this stuff. It was never mine. And the thing that I made is what I made.”

He added that he might have opinions on what other developers do with the franchise, but he doesn't "get attached to things in that way" because it's unhealthy to be overly invested in something he can't control.

“There are things that I might watch and say, ‘I don’t think I would have taken this that way’, and then there are other things that I think are really cool. But it’s not my space, it was never my thing. I was a guest working in it. So I try to keep a level of distance between myself and the setting.”

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