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Impressive Painting-Like 3D Illustration Inspired by Don Quixote

Digital Artist Pinilandok presented a new artwork and detailed the post-production process behind it.

Despite appearances, this fantastic painting, inspired by the most well-known piece of Spanish literature, Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote, is not a painting at all but rather a 3D render brought to life by the brilliant Digital Artist Pinilandok.

Depicting Don Quixote de la Mancha and Sancho gazing at a field of windmills giants, the scene was modeled in Blender and then made to look like a real-life painting during the post-processing phase with the help of Photoshop and FotoSketcher, a free program that lets you easily add painterly filters to photos or 3D renders. Fortunately, Pinilandok generously shared the post-processing workflow behind this illustration on Reddit:

  1. Render with denoising off (ALWAYS);
  2. Apply Gaussian Blur on the sky;
  3. Camera raw filter for color grading, tweaking the clarity/texture/sharpening/denoising/contrast/exposure, etc.;
  4. Apply Photoshop's Splatter filter, tweak the settings to find the sweet spot;
  5. A whole lot of Smudge Tool work, use every option (normal, darken, lighten, hue, saturation). Use it in blotches, try to get the colors to blend together and create the vibe you want. I recommend using it at very low strength about 8%-17% at most;
  6. Adjust it accordingly with the camera raw filter once again;
  7. Run the photo through FotoSketcher. NOTE: at this point (before running the pic through FS) the photo should already look somewhat painterly;
  8. Open the photo in Photoshop and adjust it if needed.

And here are some of Pinilandok's earlier pieces, you can check out more by visiting the creator's Twitter and YouTube pages:

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