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Impressive Pose Detection Setup Powered by Houdini & AI

The framework uses Houdini particles to correctly answer the "How many fingers am I holding up?" question.

Several days ago, Emīls Geršinskis-Ješinskis, a talented 3D and VFX Artist specializing in Houdini and Unreal Engine, unveiled a brief demo showcasing an absolutely mind-blowing custom setup that can always give a correct reply to the "How many fingers am I holding up?" question.

Powered by a combination of SideFX's flagship procedural 3D software, Houdini, and AI, the framework can analyze video footage to detect the number of fingers being held up and display the result using particles in Houdini.

As shown in Emīls' demo, the aforementioned AI component utilized by the system is VML Streamer, Fabricio Chamon's Vision and Machine Learning data streamer for Houdini that streams data through UDP sockets, which it relies on to handle pose detection. While the author mentioned some minor glitches, he described the setup as working nicely overall.

And here are some more of Emīls' incredible experiments in Houdini:

We highly encourage you to visit the creator's LinkedIn page and official website to see more awesome projects.

Also, check out this concise presentation detailing the capabilities of VML Streamer's capabilities and explaining how you can use it to make computer vision and machine learning data accessible inside Houdini:

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