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Insomniac Animator Unveils an Unused Venom Animation Made For Spider-Man 2

The sequence looks so cool, it makes you wish it was present in the final game.

Have a look at this astounding behind-the-scenes 3D Venom animation prepared by Liam Murphy, an Advanced Senior Cinematic Animator at Insomniac Games, for the studio's 2023 action-adventure game, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, and, unfortunately, never used in the final title.

Depicting Venom hopping around from car to car, this sequence was developed during the game's pre-production phase, allowing Murphy to experiment with the creature's morphing abilities. However, the team ultimately opted for a different direction, leaving this animation unseen until now. In terms of software, Murphy used Maya for the character's 3D setup and Photoshop for 2D animation. You can check out the animation attached above or by visiting the author's Twitter page.

And if you'd like to learn more about Spider-Man 2's character animations, we also recommend checking out PlayStation's interview with Insomniac's Game Animation Director Bobby Coddington who explained how they brought the symbiote to life, how the attack animations were made, and more:

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