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Larian CEO Dispels Rumors That It's Moving from Baldur's Gate Due to Wizards of the Coast Conflict

Don't spend too much time on Reddit.

Image credit: Larian Studios

Last week, Larian Studios' CEO Swen Vincke confirmed that the developers are moving on from Baldur's Gate and Dungeons & Dragons, so no DLCs or sequels for us. "Life is too short. Our ambitions are very large," Vincke said then. 

This turn of events produced a bunch of rumors, especially on Reddit, with players speculating that Larian had some kind of conflict with Wizards of the Coast, the owner of the D&D rights. However, it isn't the case, according to Vincke, who went to X/Twitter to put the rumors to rest.

"Reading the Reddit threads, I would like to clear up something. WOTC is not to blame for us taking a different direction. On the contrary, they really did their best and have been a great licensor for us, letting us do our thing. This is because it's what's best for Larian."

As some fans pointed out, it's a little surprising BG3 didn't get a Definitive Edition considering Larian's love for them. Then again, Baldur's Gate is way too and still receives patches regularly, so adding another edition would be an overkill probably.

I don't know about internal conflicts, but Wizards of the Coast earned "around $90 million of revenue" from the RPG and seems to be working on new games in the universe. As for Larian's new adventure, Vincke has recently figured out the first act of its next project.

He also criticized layoffs and publishers that make them happen: "Greed has been f*cking this whole thing up for so long, since I started."

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