Learn How to Make Delectable Stylized 3D Dishes in Blender

Here are some great tutorials from 3D Animator crzyzhaa on creating delicious digital food.

Today, let's learn more about designing mouth-watering stylized 3D dishes with anime vibes in Blender by checking out a series of great tutorials shared by crzyzhaa, an experienced 3D Artist, Animator, and Character Modeler.

Over the past few months, the artist shared several comprehensive guides on how you can create delectable NPR digital food, with the menu including a juicy burger with a painterly look, a bowl of delicious hot ramen with various ingredients, and a sizzling fried eggs animation inspired Studio Ghibli's Howl's Moving Castle. In his tutorials, the author explains the entire production process – from the default cube to the final renders – and shares tons of useful techniques along the way.

What's more, the author also shares the shaders and Blend files used for the projects in a separate pack, which you can download for free via Gumroad. Besides the three aforementioned projects, the pack also contains files for anime-style grass and water projects, attached below.

And here are some more of crzyzhaa's awesome digital dishes, you can check out more by visiting the artist's Instagram page:

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