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LEGO Set Assembly Animation Made With Geometry Nodes

One more beauty by Cartesian Caramel.

3D Modeler and Animator Cartesian "Bbbn192" Caramel continues the "Random Blender Projects" series with one more incredible setup achieved with the software's Geometry Nodes toolset. Leveraging the latest stable version of Blender, the creator set up a neat system that allows him to assemble and disassemble a digital Starfighter LEGO set, creating a mesmerizing-looking animation. The LEGO bricks themselves were created by Chris Lee and are available via the artist's Sketchfab.

And here's a tutorial that explains how Cartesian achieved the final result:

Earlier, the artist also demonstrated an amazing procedural spider robot animation, a neat fence-melting effect, a stunning branching paths VFX, a fully-functioning custom machine learning algorithm made with Geometry Nodes, a cool-looking robotic cable arm, and more. You can check out all of these projects and more by visiting the author's Twitter page.

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