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Lumberyard 1.16 Beta Available

Amazon has revealed Lumberyard Beta 1.16 which brings over 250 improvements, fixes, and features.

Amazon has revealed Lumberyard Beta 1.16 which brings over 250 improvements, fixes, and features including a significant architectural update to the memory management system that allows developers to reduce memory fragmentation and footprint by up to 40%.

To handle a variety of use cases, the new memory manager includes a set of pre-defined memory allocation schemas. (You can also create your own if the need arises.) The pre-defined schemas are:

  • AZ::HphaSchema – The HPHA (High-Performance Heap Allocator) schema combines a small block allocator (for small allocations) with a red-black tree (for large allocations), and provides good general-purpose performance. If you’re not sure which schema to use, use this one.
  • AZ::HeapSchema – This schema works well for code that will execute across multiple threads, because the underlying thread caches accelerate the re-use of memory.
  • AZ::BestFitExternalSchema – This schema stores bookkeeping information outside of the memory being managed. This is most useful for GPU resource management (textures, constant buffers, compute buffers).
  • AZ::ChildAllocatorSchema – Use this when you want to create an allocator purely for tracking purposes, but want to base it on an existing allocator.
  • AZ::PoolSchema – This schema implements a small block allocator, used to manage small, high-throughput allocations.
  • AZ::ThreadPoolSchema – This schema implements a small block allocator per thread, using thread-local storage.

In addition to the memory manager refactor, we’ve also implemented over 50 improvements to Track View and our animation system. One specific request we’ve received from customers announcing games on Lumberyard was the ability to drive animations directly from Track View, and we’re excited to include that with 1.16.


You can find the full list of improvement on Amazon’s Gamedev blog

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