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Mario Game Concept Made in Unreal Engine 5

The concept imagines a Mario game with gameplay similar to Crash Bandicoot.

Game Developer known as Funkyzeit Games has demonstrated Super Mario RTX, an absolutely mind-blowing game concept inspired by Nintendo's Mario series and made using Unreal Engine 5. The video shared by the author depicts high-detailed Mario jumping on question blocks and obliterating Goombas with fireballs in an eerie and dimly-lit game environment that looks similar to those from Crash Bandicoot. 

According to Funkyzeit Games, this concept depicts a Mario game the developer always wanted to play. Please note that this is just a fan-made gameplay video and not something that will ever be published as a full-fledged game or monetized.

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Comments 3

  • Anonymous user

    omg i love how marios eyes are glowing and how violent mario acctually is


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·
  • Hackz Vashbhi



    Hackz Vashbhi

    ·a year ago·
  • Anonymous user

    That looks really great. You totally captured the vibe... and grew it a bit. the lighting is amazing. I hope you get rewarded for your efforts.


    Anonymous user

    ·a year ago·

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