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Microsoft Lawyer Says The Elder Scrolls 16 Will Be Released in 2026

Very ambitious of Bethesda. 

The FTC vs. Microsoft hearing has ended but left a lot to discuss. One of the strangest mistakes was made by Microsoft's lawyer: trying to correct a misunderstanding in a discussion about the company's games, they said The Elder Scrolls 16 would be coming in 2026. Here is the transcript made by The Verge:

"There are two Elder Scrolls games, one is online called Elder Scrolls Online — that is a multiplayer game, it is on PlayStation today. The game he’s talking about Elder Scrolls 16... the projected release is 2026 as a single-player game."

As you might have guessed, the lawyer was talking about The Elder Scrolls 6, but even so, the date seems wrong, considering Todd Howard recently said the project is "likely five-plus years away."

So either the lawyer made two mistakes in one passage or the release is closer than we expect. 

What do you think? The hearing ended last week, and we are going to learn if Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard very soon. 

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