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Microsoft's AI Will Infiltrate Minecraft & Other Games

Will Copilot control all our electronics one day?

Image credit: Mojang Studios

Microsoft is putting a lot of effort into Copilot, its AI assistant that's supposed to compete with Google's Gemini and OpenAI's ChatGPT. The toolset is gradually moving into Microsoft's systems, and games are not an exception.

During its Surface and AI event, the company showcased Copilot integrated into Minecraft so players can ask it questions using natural language. For example, it can tell you how to craft any object in the game, where to find the necessary materials, and so on.

As Windows Central noted, Microsoft claims the data collected by the AI will stay on the device and won't be used to train language models without consent. Sounds nice but I wouldn't blindly believe Microsoft's privacy promises. Windows 11's upcoming feature that takes screenshots of everything you do doesn't make me trust the company more.

So what does embedding AI mean for games? It's presented as a handy helper that saves you a Google (or I guess Bing) search, but is it really that necessary? It makes me wonder what will come next; perhaps AI will just play those games instead of me. And it's not a crazy notion: NVIDIA's LLM-powered Voyager can already do it, and OpenAI's Sora can even create its own Minecraft.

If you're excited about Microsoft's AI, you should consider buying a new keyboard, now with a Copilot key on it.

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