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Modder Built Functional Handheld Out of PlayStation 1

YveltalGriffin's console works fine and might even save you from frostbite. 

It always amazes me how some talented individuals can not only create something beautiful and new but also make it work within constraints. Take, for example, PS Hanami, a working handheld built by YveltalGriffin out of PlayStation 1 parts.

Image credit: YveltalGriffin

This "old-school portable with lots of hot glue" looks like something Sony would actually release – a simple console in a nostalgic gray cover. "I wanted crispy video quality, so it uses a Shinobi Scaler to line double the PS1's RGB to VGA. But other than that, it has no custom PCBs," said the creator on the BitBuilt forum for those who love building stuff from old consoles (thanks, VGC).

Image credit: YveltalGriffin

To make this wonder machine, YveltalGriffin had to cut the original motherboard in half and fold the pieces. PS Hanami can work for about 2.5 hours without needing to recharge.

Here are some features you might enjoy:

  • 181 x 91.5 x 30.25 mm, case printed in white PLA
  • Original PU-18 PS1 motherboard, cut in half, folded, and rewired
  • 2S1P 3500mAh 18650s with "red board"
  • Trimmed Xstation ODE by Robert Neumann (ramapcsx2) with push-push SD card slot and disc tray button
  • Shinobi Scaler running GBS-Control by ramapcsx2 for impeccably crisp integer scaled 480p VGA (scanlines in 240p mode!)
  • DualShock controller with rumble, but no analog sticks. All buttons/triggers use orange squishy tacts
  • PicoMemcard+ with 16GB microSD for unlimited game saves
  • Beefy enclosed stereo speakers and PAM8803 amp
  • Wriststrap loop with official Sony Pocketstation strap

Image credit: YveltalGriffin

It's not perfect, though. For now, the device lacks volume controls and LEDs on the Power and Reset buttons. Latching the Power button is finicky and accidentally brushing it can turn the unit off, warned the creator, but the biggest issue is probably its temperature – the console "gets nice and toasty after a while" due to a lack of heatsinks.

However, all these problems fade because the fact PS Hanami can actually run games is already impressive. If you want to know how YveltalGriffin assembled the handheld, check out their worklog.

Those who appreciate unusual consoles will also find Hairo Satoh's portable device made out of a rare PlayStation controller interesting.

Image credit: Hairo Satoh

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