Modder Managed to Play Half-Life 2 from Portal Files on Switch

The discovery made creators start working on Switch ports.

Portal: Companion Collection has just been released, and modders have already found some curious stuff in the files. OatmealDome, who calls themselves a "Switch, iOS, and macOS tinkerer," discovered Half-Life 2 in Portal files. In particular, they say that "the entirety of Half-Life 2 (minus maps and music)" is present in the ROM, which might be leftovers from the NVIDIA Shield version.

After some time, OatmealDome managed to get Half-Life 2 running on Switch. There are a number of problems, which is expected from something that was not supposed to be run, for example, occasional crashes, some maps that are impossible to progress in, bugged NPC animations, saves that don’t work, and world cameras not spawning correctly.

The discovery inspired other creators to try to make Switch ports for the game. ArTuRMV made some progress of their own by running a custom Half-Life 2 map. 

With all the effort, we might see the game on Switch soon. And maybe even Valve itself will bless us with a port.

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