Modular Water System for Unity

Check out a modular water system for Unity that lets you simulate oceans, seas, rivers, lakes, and more. 

The system is meant for PC/console platforms and standard rendering. There's also a URP version available.

The developer noted that water rendering uses physical approximation for lighting/wave simulation and supports such physical parameters as wind power, turbidity, transparency, dispersion, and more.


  • GPU waves simulation with multiple cascades (to avoid tiling)
  • Physical approximation of lighting (volumetric lights and shadows, absorption, scattering, caustic)
  • Physical approximation of reflections using fast screen space projected reflections, camera planar reflections, baked and real-time reflection probes.
  • Physical approximation of refraction in screen space with dispersion (using water IOR)
  • Physical approximation of caustic relative to water depth and waves (with dispersion).
  • Underwater effect with partial submersion

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