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Move.ai Launched an iPhone Beta App for Free Markerless Motion Capture

The Move.ai app has now launched in beta, dramatically lowering the cost of high-quality motion capture.

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Developers of Move.ai, a recently-released program for markerless mocap that can extract natural human motion from videos using advanced AI, announced the beta launch for iPhone devices. More than 10,000 users have already signed up for unlimited free usage, which runs through to the public launch of the app in March 2023. Creators can get started with refurbished iPhone devices for as little as $300 from places including Backmarket.com.

The beta program, which users can sign up for free, requires a minimum of two iPhones to get data quality comparable to inertial suit systems. Signing up for the Move.ai app beta gives creators unlimited free use until the public launch.

Users of the free beta can capture motion data in any environment, including multiple actors and finger tracking, at inertial, optical, and AAA game studio quality. The app works with most iPhones, from the iPhone 8 onwards, up to the latest iPhone 14 model, running iOS 15 or above. Different iPhone models can also be mixed to create the capture rig. The system requires a minimum of two phones and the more iPhones that are used, the better the data quality.

The app works by instantly syncing mobile devices into a single motion capture rig that can be set up anywhere. Video feeds are uploaded to the cloud for processing into automatically retargeted animation data within minutes.

The beta program, which includes unlimited free minutes that users can process, is available for users to sign up until the start of March 2023. Users who sign up for the beta before the app launch and have successfully processed five minutes of animation will also receive five free minutes per month throughout all of 2023. You can join the Move.ai Discord here, sign up for the beta here, or find out more about the Move.ai app here.

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