Mush 3D 2.0 Is Now Available

This 3D sculpting application allows you to sculpt on various animation sources.

Character Artist Luiz Elias has released Mush 3D 2.0, a new and improved version of the 3D sculpting application that lets you sculpt directly on various animation sources. Designed to improve the quality of 3D animations, the software provides you with a robust toolset, including multiple brushes, the ability to light the meshes, and more, for sculpting on Alembic caches, skeletal animations, and even 4D caches.

Mush 3D 2.0 features:

  • Auto-blending: The ability to blend your sculpted shapes across the animation, without the need to set keyframes for every layer.
  • FBX pipeline: The software's compatibility with game engines has been significantly improved thanks to the introduction of FBX pipeline. The new pipeline allows you to translate your works into a set of animated real-time blend shapes, improving the quality of the animation.
  • Secondary deformations: Mush 3D features an ability to quickly and easily add secondary deformations, such as wrinkles and jiggle, in real-time. 

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  • Anonymous user

    hi, Can't I use this in Blender?


    Anonymous user

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