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New UE5-Based Horror Game Combines Outlast Vibes With Photoreal Graphics

TeaserPlay has revealed its upcoming game that promises "fear without gore or blood".

TeaserPlay, a development team known to many for reimagining video games and TV series in Unreal Engine 5, has announced its first game project titled Graveyard Shift, an UE5-powered horror game with photorealistic graphics and Outlast/Five Nights at Freddy's vibes.

Being developed by DarkPhobia Games, Graveyard Shift puts you in the shoes of a man sent to guard a cemetery on his first day of work. As night falls, the graveyard transforms into a place filled with unsettling events and eerie paranormal sounds, with the spirits of the deceased conveying an important message to you and urging you to solve the mysteries of this spooky place and uncover the secrets it hides. As noted by the team, Graveyard Shift will be more of a psychological horror, striking fear without gore or blood.

Image Credit: DarkPhobia Games/TeaserPlay, Graveyard Shift

Image Credit: DarkPhobia Games/TeaserPlay, Graveyard Shift

"Throughout the night, the main character encounters encounters with restless spirits, mysterious veils, and sudden, horrifying events," the game's description reads. "They must use their skills to both survive and unravel the secrets concealed within the cemetery. During the game, players will engage in exploration of this dark environment and follow the story to uncover the secrets of the graveyard. Their choices will directly impact the progression of the story and the game's outcome."

Image Credit: DarkPhobia Games/TeaserPlay, Graveyard Shift

Image Credit: DarkPhobia Games/TeaserPlay, Graveyard Shift

"This is our first video game in Unreal Engine 5. After several months of making concept videos of branded games, we decided to focus on our own original ideas," commented TeaserPlay. "In this game, we used a different and modern structure to put the player in a situation that he has not experienced in any other horror game."

At the moment, Graveyard Shift is in early development, with the game's release date remaining undisclosed. You can learn more and wishlist the game on Steam.

Image Credit: DarkPhobia Games/TeaserPlay, Graveyard Shift

Image Credit: DarkPhobia Games/TeaserPlay, Graveyard Shift

Image Credit: DarkPhobia Games/TeaserPlay, Graveyard Shift

It appears that 2023 will go down in history as the year when the line between the real and digital worlds has truly started to blur. Earlier, another UE5-powered game, dubbed Unrecord, took the world by storm with its hyperrealistic graphics and unusual vision. In less than a week, the game was wishlisted by more than 600,000 Steam users.

Following that, indie game developer known only as NIHIL INANE STUDIO unveiled a stunning trailer, offering a first glimpse of Lost Fragment, the team's upcoming survival horror game with FPS elements inspired by the unsettling aesthetics of Japanese horror.

Recently, the creator of Bright Memory: Infinite FYQD Studio also joined the ranks, presenting Secluded Orchid – an incredibly realistic tech demo created with UE5, Megascans assets, and photogrammetry.

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Comments 2

  • Anonymous user

    You don't need to regonize the assets, We have mentioned all of them in the credits of the game, In addition, a game is not limited to the environment, we have designed a new horror gameplay mechanism, which took months to build.
    Also, Teaserplay is just producer and publisher, we are a indie studio and we just need support. That it


    Anonymous user

    ·9 months ago·
  • Anonymous user

    There's close to nothing besides lighting that has been made by themselves as far as I see. The concrete corridor looks exactly the same as in Stray Souls, the Graveyard is a demo scene from the UE Marketplace... guys that's exactly why I cannot stand TeaserPlay and associates.

    Packs I recognised are:
    - Cemetery full pack by Med-art
    - Eastern Europe Slums by Volodymyr Stepaniuk

    The rest is marketplace demo scenes too I'd guess but this can be a false accusation, please double check that.


    Anonymous user

    ·9 months ago·

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