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Hyper-Realistic 3D Environment Created With UE5 & Photogrammetry

FYQD Studio demonstrated Secluded Orchid, a great tech demo that can easily be mistaken for a real-life recording.

Ever since the DRAMA team and their upcoming UE5-powered single-player bodycam first-person shooter Unrecord blew up the Internet back in April and brought realistic digital environments into the mainstream, Game Developers and 3D Artists have been hard at work experimenting with Unreal Engine 5's capabilities and showcasing their own projects that can easily be mistaken for real-life recordings.

Last week, indie developer and the creator of Bright Memory: Infinite FYQD Studio jumped on the bandwagon, presenting Secluded Orchid – an incredibly realistic series of 3D environments created with UE5, Megascans assets, and photogrammetry.

Image Credit: FYQD Studio, Secluded Orchid

Image Credit: FYQD Studio, Secluded Orchid

According to the team, the environments were set up using around 5000 8K photos, which were then turned into high-quality 3D models with the help of RealityCapture and imported into Unreal Engine 5.

Following that, the creators downloaded MetaHuman arms and a body for the character, lighters, iPhone, masks, photos, trees, and other models from online 3D libraries, spending little to no time on asset creation.

The animation was quickly captured within 20 minutes using ROKOKO equipment, while the finger joints were repaired using MotionBuilder. In total, it took around half a month to make the arm model, control, cutscene animation, user interface, and finalize the project.

Image Credit: FYQD Studio, Secluded Orchid

Image Credit: FYQD Studio, Secluded Orchid

"This is the first time we have ever used a motion capture system in our projects. The motions used in the demo took about 20 minutes to prepare so the quality is still a little rough around the edges," commented the studio. "At the time we were using an inertial sensor motion capture system which has improved efficiency compared to manual keyframe animation. However, it falls a little short in accuracy compared to optical motion capture systems so we are looking into working with those in the future."

Image Credit: FYQD Studio, Secluded Orchid

Image Credit: FYQD Studio, Secluded Orchid

The team has also emphasized that Secluded Orchid is only a tech demo and not a game, meaning that it most likely won't be released in the future. The studio also disclosed that the scene could run at 60 FPS on an RTX 4070 GPU at 2K resolution. You can learn more about the project by clicking this link.

And if you want to learn more about setting up realistic lighting in Unreal Engine 5, here are some great tutorials that might help you out:

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  • Anonymous user

    Using photogrammetry to me is like using photography (more precisely video), since it is exactly that. Projected images on ideal projection geo.
    I that respect, there is no difference between this and "real footage", it IS  real footage. Footage that you can tweak to your likings.
    That's not to diminish the outcome. You still have to get the lighting right, the perspective etc.


    Anonymous user

    ·9 months ago·

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