NVIDIA CEO Says Moore’s Law is Dead, GPU Prices Will Keep Increasing

Jensen Huang commented that RTX 4090's specs completely justify its price.

Following the reveal of NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080 GPUs, NVIDIA's CEO Jensen Huang spoke with the press about the price of the newly-launched graphics cards, addressing comments and concerns in regards to the costliness of the new models. Answering the question of PC World's Gordon Ung, Huang stated that Moore's Law doesn't work anymore and that NVIDIA's GPUs will only get more expensive over time.

"Moore's law is dead. And the ability for Moore's Law to deliver twice the performance at the same cost, or at the same performance and half the cost, every year and a half is over. It's completely over," said Huang. "The idea that a chip is going to go down in cost over time, unfortunately, is a story of the past."

Additionally, Huang commented on the pricing strategy itself, stating that the 1,599$ price for RTX 4090 is largely due to the rising price of components, as well as supply chain constraints caused by various reasons. One more reason why the GPU is quite expensive is that it is significantly better than models from the previous RTX 3000 generation, delivering way more than double the performance, a principle that guides Moore's Law.

The performance of Nvidia’s $899 GPU or $1,599 GPU, a year ago, two years ago, at the same price point with Ada Lovelace is monumentally better, off-the-charts better," stated the CEO.

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