Paranormal Tales: An Upcoming UE5-Powered Body Cam Horror Game

The P.T.-inspired game has got its official announcement trailer.

Horror Cam Committee, a team of two Indie Developers, has recently released the official announcement trailer for Paranormal Tales, the team's upcoming Unreal Engine 5-powered bodycam-style horror game inspired by Hideo Kojima's P.T. and found footage videos.

The short trailer released by the developers demonstrates an eerie and extremely-realistic forest environment with a derelict mansion located in the middle of it, as well as showcases Paranormal Tales' gameplay. According to the short description provided by the team, the game will task you to navigate the terrifying landscape in order to find your dog, Teddy, avoiding a blood-curdling ghost in the process. You can check out the full announcement trailer attached above, please note that it contains quite a scary jumpscare, so consider yourself warned.

"I've just announced the game and it seems people like what's been shown so far!" said one of the team members in the announcement. "I'm incredibly excited and terrified at the same time but it's all good. We've worked incredibly hard on the game and by extension the trailer."

At the moment, the game's release date remains unknown, however, the team promised to "post some more details about the game soon." In the meantime, we highly recommend checking out the game's Twitter, Discord, and Steam pages to learn more about it.

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