Pixar Animator Shows How 3D Character Mouths Look From Different Angles

Spoiler alert: the result is pretty much what one would expect.

As everyone familiar with the field of 3D animation knows very well at this point, it's common for Character Animators to cheat a lot and break the rules in order to set up the perfect shot for their sequences, for no matter how weird or broken their characters may look behind-the-scenes, it's only what the viewer sees that counts.

Proving once again that this rule applies to big-league animation studios as well, Pixar's Animator Cody Lyon recently shared a couple of in-production shots, offering a rare glimpse at how the mouths of your favorite 3D characters usually look from a different angle.

To achieve the desired artistic vision and animate the mouth in an appealing way, creators often distort the heads of their characters and turn them into the stuff of nightmares, something that wouldn't normally be visible to the viewer. Breaking this movie magic with his latest Twitter post, Cody showed that the same technique was used for Luca, Pixar's 2021 animated film, demonstrating Luca and Alberto with horrifyingly twisted faces during a couple of the movie's scenes.

In the comments, a user named Mapache Pinto followed suit by demonstrating how one of the flamboyant poses from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Bloody Stream opening appears from a different angle, which you might also find interesting:

In less than 9 hours, Cody's post drew the attention of nearly a million people and received over 40,000 likes, clearly demonstrating the community's interest in the behind-the-scenes of character animation. We highly encourage you to follow Cody Lyon on Twitter to express your enthusiasm about the topic.

Previously, Walt Disney Animation Studios' Tony Bonilla presented a similar showcase featuring Mirabel from the studio's Encanto with elongated and non-anatomically-accurate arms, which are not seen in the actual movie but are more than evident when seen from another angle:

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