Platformer Where You Drill Your Way to Treasure Gets Release Window

Pepper Grinder is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch soon.

Do you remember that fun 2D platformer that makes you drill through the world to get to your stolen treasure? Rejoice, it's closer than you might think!

And if you have no idea what I'm talking about, meet Pepper Grinder – an action-packed 2D adventure mixing traditional platforming with drilling the environment. 

Image credit: Ahr Ech

Image credit: Ahr Ech

Image credit: Ahr Ech

"You play as Pepper, a pirate robbed of her treasure, wielding Grinder – her super-powered drilling device. Together they fight to reclaim what's rightfully theirs."

Pepper can "dive in and out of the earth like a dolphin swims through water," exploring the colorful world by burrowing into it. To make the process even more impactful, find new parts for Grinder and exchange jewels for powerups.

Image credit: Ahr Ech

So when will you be able to enjoy the ride? According to the developer, Ahr Ech, Pepper Grinder will be out on PC and Nintendo Switch in the first quarter of 2024. Meanwhile, check out their development progress on X/Twitter:

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