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Playable Minecraft Game Made in Minecraft With Redstone

Now you can play Minecraft while playing Minecraft.

A Minecraft enthusiast known as Sammyuri, in collaboration with Lead Programmer and Designer Uwerta and server host StackDoubleFlow, has unveiled an absolutely mind-blowing project that looks almost unreal. This time, the author has managed to create a playable, albeit simplified, version of Minecraft in Minecraft using redstone only, with no command blocks, no data packs, and no mods.
The in-game version of the game is powered by an updated CHUNGUS 2, Sammyuri's 1Hz, 64-byte Minecraft-built CPU unveiled by the creator last year. To make CHUNGUS 2 run Minecraft, the author added 8 Kb of program memory, 256 B of extra RAM, hardware acceleration units, 6 Kb of graphics memory, and the AMOGUS graphics processor, as well as a 96x64 pixel screen and a PS4-like controller.

In the end, the creators managed to make an 8x8x8 fully 3D-rendered world with 16 different block types, 32 different items, and dozens of game mechanics including mining, crafting, smelting, building, chests, random ticks, and more. You can check out the gameplay of Minecraft-built Minecraft in the video attached above or by visiting Sammyuri's YouTube channel.

And here's a short explanation of how this project was made:

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