PlayStation's New Live Service Games Are Being "Rigorously" Reviewed by Bungie

Sony commented on Bungie's role in the PlayStation family, saying that the studio is helping them with their live service titles.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has provided further clarification regarding the involvement of Bungie, the renowned creator of Halo and Destiny, since their acquisition for $3.6 billion in 2022. Sony stated that Bungie is actively assisting them in conducting meticulous evaluations of their live service games within the PlayStation family.

During a recent business briefing, PlayStation reaffirmed its plans to release 12 live service titles in the market by fiscal year 2025, with the expectation that these games will constitute 60% of its annual game development budget. The briefing highlighted the valuable contribution of Bungie in ensuring the exceptional quality of these titles, drawing upon their extensive expertise in this domain.

Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, emphasized that Bungie's insights have been incredibly valuable across various aspects and that they are actively involved in reviewing the aforementioned 12 live service games.

"The learnings from Bungie have been very substantial in many areas. Of course, when you're developing live service titles, you have capabilities that you don't have when working on singleplayer narrative-driven games," commented Hulst. "These capabilities that we've set up in PlayStation Studios have been helped and guided by Bungie. We more deeply understand what success means in live services. Historically, our games work towards an end, and this is a large cultural shift. The release of the game is just the beginning. That brings a whole new set of KPIs.

We also work with Bungie on a pretty rigorous portfolio review process that we apply to all 12 live service titles that we have in production, and these are just brief examples of some of the learnings that we have gained from working with Bungie."

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