Postcard from Earth: Immersive Nature Experience on Huge 18K Screen

It looks more real that nature itself.

Technology keeps advancing and surprising me every day. Take a look, for example, at Postcard from Earth – an upcoming immersive experience from director Darren Aronofsky (Pi, Black Swan, The Whale) that will shower you with the wonders of our planet on a giant, 18K, 60 FPS screen of Sphere in Las Vegas. 

"Postcard from Earth is a portrait of our planet, re-imagined as a sci-fi experience, and takes advantage of all Sphere’s experiential technologies: from the world’s largest highest-definition screen that wraps over and around you, to the haptic seats and in-auditorium climate-system that engages your every sense, to the 167,000-speaker array that immerses you in sound."

Image credit: Darren Aronofsky

This is an enormous half-petabyte (500000GB) show filmed on every continent, "a love letter to Mother Earth" that will make you want to touch the screen and visit all these locations. The realism and scale of the project due to Sphere's construction are simply fantastic.

"I see Sphere as a great opportunity to pluck people from the bling and thrum of the Vegas strip in all its human constructed madness and immerse them as fully as possible in the wonder, awe, and beauty of the natural world," said Aronofsky. "Postcard from Earth is a sci-fi journey deep into our future as our descendants reflect on our shared home."

Image credit: Darren Aronofsky

The Sphere has already amazed us before with its colorful show on July 4: the 366-foot-tall orb with over 1.2 million LEDs lit up with various visuals, including fireworks, the American flag, the Moon, and even a giant eyeball.

Aronofsky's Postcard from Earth premiers on October 6. The tickets start at $49 and can be purchased here.

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