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Procedural Parking Lot Generator in Unreal Engine 5

Ayoub Attache showcased a new UE5-powered project, currently WIP.

Once again, Ayoub Attache, a highly talented Real-Time Artist known to many for his extraordinary experiments with Unreal Engine, captivates us by unveiling a procedural parking lot generator set up in Unreal Engine 5.

Taking inspiration from the works of Andrii Pavlov, the generator was developed to explore Unreal Engine's parametric design capabilities using the Geometry Script plug-in, as well as "some simple math and a spline". According to Ayoub, the project is currently WIP and will be further refined in the near future. The artist also teased that a 3D version of the generator is in the works, adding an extra layer of anticipation.

Earlier, Ayoub also demonstrated a neat setup that allowed the artist to interact with a music player UI using hand motions:

Managed to control the movements of a digital F-15 Fighter Jet with nothing but a phone:

And showed an Unreal Engine 5-based pickup truck configurator that lets its creator set up highly-realistic and physically-accurate vehicles in the engine:

You can check out all of these projects and more by visiting Ayoub's YouTube channel.

As previously mentioned, the artist's latest project was accomplished with the assistance of the Geometry Script. For those unfamiliar, GS is a plug-in for the Unreal Engine that comprises a set of Function Libraries. These libraries empower the generation and modification of mesh geometry through Blueprints and Python.

The UFunctions and Blueprint Nodes of the Geometry Script operate on UDynamicMesh objects, which are created using the FDynamicMesh3 C++ triangle mesh data structure. Notably, this is the same data structure employed by the Geometry Processing Plugin and Modeling Editor Mode.

Geometry Script is applicable in Editor Utility Widgets and Asset Actions for crafting customized tools for mesh analysis, processing, and editing. Furthermore, it proves valuable in Actor Blueprints for creating "procedural objects" and executing complex geometric queries.

Here are some great tutorials that can help you get started with GS:

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