Quantic Dream: Star Wars Eclipse "Is Not Going to Be a Skin of Detroit"

Quantic Dream head David Cage assured fans that Star Wars Eclipse will be markedly different from the studio's latest title, Detroit: Become Human.

Last year, Quantic Dream, the developer known for Detroit: Become Human, Beyond: Two Souls, and Heavy Rain, announced that it was working on a "multiple-character branching narrative game" based on the Star Wars universe, Star Wars Eclipse.

While a "multiple-character branching narrative game" sounds like something we've already seen in the studio's previous works, Quantic Dream claims that the team doesn't want to repeat itself and wants to make Star Wars Eclipse different and unique.

Speaking to IGN Japan, Quantic Dream head David Cage noted that Star Wars Eclipse is currently "the most ambitious project" of the studio that will be significantly different from the studio's latest title, Detroit: Become Human

Cage admitted that during the course of Detroit: Become Human's development, the team had learned a lot and that this project became the studio's "most accomplished game overall" and the "best implementation we could make of the vision we had 25 years ago about how to tell a story where the player is the hero." However, he noted that it doesn't mean that the studio will be using all of these developments for Star Wars Eclipse.

"Star Wars is not going to be a skin of Detroit. The two games will be very different, very different, although we will also of course use what we learned. But it's not going to be a copycat by any means; it's going to be a very different experience," he said.

Cage hasn't shared much detail on Star Wars Eclipse's gameplay, however, he emphasized that work on the project is progressing well.

At the end of the summer, Quantic Dream became part of the Chinese giant NetEase – according to Cage, this granted the French studio access to "tons of technologies" NetEase has and allowed it to feel more confident and not worry about resources.

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