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Ragdoll Dynamics 3.0 for Maya Released

The changes include physically-based character posing, a new Freelancer license, and more.

Imbalance has released Ragdoll Dynamics 3.0 for Maya – the latest version of the real-time physics solver. The update introduces several new features, the highlight of which is Live Mode – a physics-based character posing system that allows you to change the way a character stands by dragging the geometry around directly. This new system makes posing 3 times faster and offers other benefits, like the absence of intersections, broken limits, and controls.

Another change is an Interactive Mode, which allows you to use Ragdoll as a normal Maya deformer and see real-time updates on contacts and limb limits. All you need to do is toggle the Lock button to keep simulating outside of the Manipulator.

What's more, you can now open a .rag file in an empty scene. Before, you could export the physics layer from a character rig and re-apply it via the Import Physics menu item. Now, you can import and use the physics layer independently.

Other new features in the release include an asset library with 14 characters with ready-made Ragdoll setups, viewport and performance improvements, and a new Freelancer license. This new limited edition pricing tier is made for individuals wanting to use the software commercially. It costs $199, offers one year of updates, and can't be activated offline, on a virtual machine, or on cloud hardware.

There is also a Personal license for $99 and a set of subscriptions for studios starting at $79/month. Find out more about Ragdoll Dynamics 3.0 here and don't forget to join our Reddit page and our Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we share breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more. 

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