Raymarching & Collision Test in Unreal

Don't miss Andras Ketzer's latest stunning test in Unreal Engine.

The video features a preview of FluidNinja LIVE, a real-time interactive fluid simulation for Unreal, coming later this year. In this video, the developer tested light-based raymarching, combined density input (collision + material), multi-level directional noise, and dynamic parameters on GUI.

Andras was also kinds enough to send us some comments regarding his experiments. The developer noted that FluidNinja projects are focusing on fluid simulation inside UE. "NinjaTools" is meant for baking, while "NinjaLive" is for non-baked/real-time fluidsim. Live is set to be released in 2020 Q4, as a beta, with version number 0.9.

The beta version will come with minimal documentation, and Andras noted that usage and educational materials will be developed during a year after the beta launch. The first final release is expected in January 2021. The live tool is focusing on backward compatibility (starting with UE 4.20) and optimum performance: runs on mobile devices. VR will not be implemented until version 1.1.

Want to learn more from Andras? Check out our recent article with the creator of FluidNinja on how to build basic texture sampling emitters in Unreal's visual effects system Niagara. Don't forget to follow him on Twitter

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  • Rhapsodos Eclaires

    Nice to see how Ray Marching find use in gamedev, hope more cool shaders/effects will be created soon. I really want to see ray marching caustics/lightning/refraction...


    Rhapsodos Eclaires

    ·11 months ago·

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