Real HDR Available
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Real HDR Available
2 July, 2018

PlaySys has released Real HDR, a new tool that helps its users generate custom 32-bit HDR files. It provides the ability to add light sources and adjust their shape, intensity, color, and position. You can also subtract shapes using masks to build custom lighting scenarios and exported them to any application that supports HDRi images. 

Real HDR’s 2D previews are said to be converted to traditional 8-bit RGB and HSV in real-time for visual editing with the output being a normalized, full float range image.

The software costs $59 for a perpetual license with the ability to transfer the activation from one computer to another and get all future updates. You can learn more on the Real HDR website.

It is worth noting that PlaySys is all known for Real IES, the standalone tool for creating photometric lights.


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