Real-Time Water Simulation Made in Unity with Zibra Liquids

The simulation was set up by Indie Game Developer Sakura Rabbit.

Have a look at this impressive real-time water simulation demonstrated last month by an Indie Game Developer known as Sakura Rabbit. According to the creator, the simulation was set up in Unity and can react to object movements, creating realistic-looking whitewater splashes and waves once it is disturbed.

Additionally, the developer utilized ZibraAI's Zibra Liquids, a cross-platform GPU-based plug-in for real-time fluid physics simulation and rendering. For those unaware, Zibra Liquids is a robust tool powered by artificial intelligence-based technology for neural object representations to automatically set up the interaction of 3D objects of arbitrary shape with different types of fluids. You can learn more about the plug-in here.

If you are interested in Zibra Liquids, we also recommend checking out our interview with Alex Petrenko, CEO at ZibraAI, who explained how the plug-in uses the synergy of physical solvers and ML-based neural object representation to simulate liquids and gave us a behind-the-scenes look at how the tool works.

And here are some more of Sakura Rabbit's amazing Unity projects:

We highly recommend visiting the developer's Twitter page to check out more Unity-powered projects.

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