Rebelway Courses: Mastering Advanced FX Workflow in Houdini

A few courses that will help you level up your FX workflow even more. The compilation includes overall courses on FX approaches as well as courses focused on such software as Nuke, Houdini, and Arnold, and on particular steps of the procedural production process. 

Water FX in Houdini

Learn ways to create water simulation in Houdini with Igor Zanic.

During the course, you will focus on requirements, challenges, and geometry preparation, create the rock splash simulation, refine the flip fluid solver setting to find the best optimal options, lighting and shading the whale jump ocean scene, ocean rendering, and more. 

Destruction FX in Houdini

Move forward with your advanced Houdini FX workflow together with Saber Jlassi. 
Course details:

  • Creating an advanced layering system that will allow us to handle a lot more geometry very efficiently
  • Environment destruction and geometry preparation
  • Character preparation and interaction with the environment
  • Tweaking the sim and creating high-res main rbd simulation
  • An in-depth look at smoke and dust simulation in Houdini, and more

Advanced Shading and Rendering in Arnold and Houdini 

Sina Meharliia will guide you through the process of creating realistic shading using Arnold. 
The course covers:

  • Introduction to Arnold in Houdini
  • Advanced Procedural Shading
  • Complex Shading And Lighting Using Procedural Techniques and Textures
  • A Complex Shading that Utilizes Multilayered Transparent Material

The course includes some free materials from the Mastering Destruction FX Course.

Compositing in Nuke 

Master your compositing workflow in Nuke under the guidance of Nick Chamberlain

The course details:

  • the software overview and  an in-depth look at the theory of tracking, color correction, and grain
  • Learning how to track using corner pins and how to efficiently handle multiple formats as we composite a green screen monitor replacement
  • Character green screen and gizmos creation
  • Colorspace and CG compositing using Gate and Robot shot
  • Working on the Gate and Robot shot, spaceship crushes to practice the workflow 

Volume Rendering Using Mantra 

Learn how to work in Mantra for smoke and pyro simulation with Saber Jlassi. 

On the course, you will learn how to study volume data, work on lighting, shading and rendering a simple smoke element, get an in-depth look at the Houdini Pyro shader and how it works, abstract volume rendering, Setting up the smoke shaders and passes, and more. 

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