Making a Scene from Halo with Megascans Assets

Check out 5 Megascans assets that will help you recreate a scene from the Halo series or create an inspired-by environment.

For this week's digest, we decided to take a look and see if we can find some assets that will help you recreate a scene from the Halo series. Since the new title of the franchise has been delayed until 2021, we thought that Halo fans might find it interesting to work on the recreation of some places from the game's world or game-inspired fan art. 

Icelandic Jagged Rock

The game's environment combines together organic and hard-surface details, and this Icelandic rock asset will fit in nicely for any organic surfaces you're working on. Add some details like moss or a bit of vegetation or adjust the color tones, and there you go!

Mossy Ground 

The mossy ground asset is quite simple and universal for any exterior scene. Add some tire spots on the ground to make it look like humans have been here, and it's ready.

Rusted Metal Sheet

Rusty metal is definitely a spot-on for the Halo-inspired scene. Make building's facade or some vehicle pieces with it, or create a feeling of an abandoned place by adding it to your detail.

Metal Panels Facade

This is a good alternative for the walls asset if you're producing a brand new, sci-fi building as a part of the background. Feel free to add some text elements, or adjust the shininess of it to make it beneficial for your concept.

Dead Tree

And for the last one, there are plenty of trees in the game's world. We suggest adding a few dead trees to add a bit of diversity to your organic scenes. They will go nicely together with the Icelandic rock asset, for sure. 

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