Recreating Portal 2 Repulsion Gel in Blender

A YouTuber has created an ultra-realistic blue gel from Portal 2 in Blender.

A YouTuber 5tick man has created an extremely realistic-looking Repulsion Gel from Valve's Portal 2 using Blender. The video was created by motion-tracking gameplay footage in Blender 2.93. 5tick man recorded Portal 2 gameplay and added the gel and pretty lighting on top. The entire video is one continuous shot in Blender, with no cutaways or splicing clips. 

"When the camera travels through the portal, it ends up in an upside-down copy of the original room. The gel you see entering the blue portal is the same fluid simulation leaving the orange portal. This was done by showing the original simulation on the left and showing an upside-down copy of the gel on the right. To make the gel’s gravity reverse after passing through the portal, I turned off the standard gravity force and had the gel be attracted to a large flat plane on the floor. This took about 40 hours of work over 11 days, and took 18 hours to render," comments the author.

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