Report: Top 2020 Salaries in IT Industry from shared the annual report for software engineering compensation in the world. shared the 2020 report on software engineering compensation. The report also includes data on the cities in the U.S. and in Europe with the highest compensation with various expertise levels of the software engineer. Check out a few interesting insights: 
  • The highest compensation for an entry-level engineer in the U.S. is $230,000 in Lyft, San Francisco, CA. 
  • The highest salary for a senior engineer is $461,000 in LinkedIn, Sunnyvale, CA. 
  • The Principal Engineer position happens to be in big companies only, and there are less than 3% of such employees in the company. The highest pay is in Facebook in Menlo Park, CA, and is $895,000. 
  • On the international level, the top 3 highest median pay are in Switzerland, Israel, and Canada with $211,000, $159.000, $133,000 respectively. 

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