Riot's MMO Producer: The Game Will Respect Players' Time

Greg Street, the executive producer of League of Legends MMO, took to Twitter to assure the fans that the studio doesn't want the game to feel like "a second job". The game will have enough content but it will "feel pretty optional".

Greg Street, the executive producer of League of Legends MMO set in the Runeterra universe, recently took to Twitter to ask the fans what they didn't want to see in the upcoming game. Many have stated that they hope Riot's MMO wouldn't "artificially" increase the time people spend playing it and force players to log in regularly.

The producer responded in a separate thread discussing the advantages and disadvantages of having too much it too little content. According to Street, Riot doesn't want its MMO to become "a second (or a third) job" for players.

He explained that the game is going to be "a very large" game, as the team wants to make sure that players have enough content to enjoy the gaming experience. Although he noted that the developers still respect players' time, so probably some of this content will "feel pretty optional".

The studio wants players to have enough time to play other games or spend their time on other things like watching series or reading books, but at the same time, the developers will prepare new content, which, if everything goes right, will be a reason to come back.

Greg Street previously said that Riot wants to share some details about their MMO before the end of 2022. For example, a game might be given a working title to stop everyone from calling it "Riot MMO". In previous threads on Twitter, the producer also mentioned that there is "no guarantee" that the game will ever be released, and even if it does, it won't be for everyone.

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