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Screen Space Fog Scattering Shader for Unreal Engine Released

The shader can be used to simulate the light scattering inside the existing fog medium.

Technical Artist and the developer of the Sky Creator plug-in Dmitry Karpukhin has announced the release of Screen Space Fog Scattering, a long-awaited post-processing shader that simulates the light scattering inside the fog medium.

Available for Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5, the shader enhances the feel of dense fog and greatly improves the atmosphere of your foggy and blurry environments. Using the engine classes, the plug-in safely injects the shader into the rendering pipeline, ensuring that it is compatible with default post-process effects.


  • Applies automatically on any scene based on the Exponential Height Fog settings
  • No additional setup is required (besides installing the plug-in)
  • Compatible with all default post-process effects
  • Fixed and small performance cost
  • Lightweight

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