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See How Manor Lords Key Art Was Reworked

Wojtek Fus explained why and how the image was remade.

If you've been following Manor Lords for a while, you might have noticed that its key art changed and now depicts a knight instead of, well, a lord. The artist behind it, Wojtek Fus, showed how he changed the scenery using Blender and Photoshop and explained why it was done.

"My friend Greg [Styczeń, the founder of Slavic Magic] asked me to rework the artwork I did for his game Manor Lords a few years ago – he wanted to reflect how the game changed and evolved to better represent it to the players," he said. "Now it's set in 1400s Franconia (Germany) trying to be as historically accurate as possible."

Fus shared that the previous image needed to be more grounded and have a "proper Franconian city structure" as well as a period-accurate knight and setting. He wanted to change the tone from romantic to "a bit more dry and pragmatic, while still showcasing the beauty of the period."

"Beautiful assets provided by Greg helped a lot to get the look we were going for. I want to thank Jakob and Eol for guiding me through the period with notes and feedback. Also thanks to Greg for his trust on this – very happy to see this artwork all over the place now."

If you want to see how the city was built in Blender with assets from the game, check out Fus's ArtStation.

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