See This Cool Space Co-Op Shooter in Action

Jump Ship is made by veterans of the industry and combines Sea of Thieves and Faster Than Light.

While there is definitely no shortage of multiplayer FPS, they don't often offer you space adventures as Jump Ship does. Previously known as Hyperspace, it mixes Sea of Thieves and FTL: Faster Than Light and will be perfect if you have 3 friends. If not, don't worry – solo players can enjoy it just as much.

Together with your team, you complete missions on different planets, gather resources, and upgrade your ship. The game is wonderfully futuristic and allows you to seamlessly transition between exploration, combat, and traversal.

"Transition seamlessly from crewing the ship to on-foot exploration and space walks. Engage in intense battles both on the ground and in space, and always keep your ship upgraded and intact. Teamwork is key for survival and victory."

Some features you might love:

  • Jump across the universe – Select from a variety of hand-crafted missions with random elements. No two runs will be exactly the same.
  • Seamlessly go on and off the ship – Once you’ve jumped with your ship, you can switch seamlessly between operating your ship, space walking, and on-foot planetary exploration, it just works.
  • Upgrade, maintain, repair – Manage your ship as you scavenge for parts to upgrade or repair it, and adapt it to fit your needs. 
  • Fly with a crew, or go solo – Jump Ship is best enjoyed with friends, but solo adventurers are welcome too.

I must add that Jump Ship looks stunning, you can see it from the scenes we've shared before and this fantastic solar flare effect.

This is the first game for Keepsake Games as a team, however, its members are definitely not newbies. 

The crew is full of veterans:

  • Filip Coulianos - Game director. Founding member of Hazelight (It Takes Two) and lead the design team on their titles
  • Claes Engdal - Art director. Founding member of Hazelight and lead the art team on their titles
  • Tobias Möllstam - Programmer. Founding member of Mojang (Minecraft) and tech director at Toca Boca (Toca Life)
  • Henrik Alfredsson - Designer. Designer on Mirror’s Edge and product owner at Toca Boca
  • Daniel Kaplan - CEO. Founding member of Mojang and co-founder of Coffee Stain Publishing (Satisfactory, Goat Simulator, Valheim)

With so many experienced heads, I have no doubt Jump Ship will deliver a shooter that can compete with some of the most popular games out there.

The game doesn't have a release date yet but when it's done, we'll see it on PC and Xbox.

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