Skyrim's Whiterun Reimagined in UE5 at a More Realistic Scale

Leo Torres presented a more lore-accurate version of Skyrim's main trading hub achieved with Nanite.

Freelance 3D Artist Leo Torres has recently showcased The True Scale of Whiterun, a much larger and more lore-accurate recreation of the main trading hub and one of the most recognizable cities from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Reimagined as if it houses 7,000 – 12,000 people, factoring in both its inhabitants and visitors, Leo's version of Whiterun features hundreds of brand-new buildings and more high-detail recreations of the iconic ones present in the game, all with the goal to "visualise a more real-life scale to Skyrim".

According to the creator, the city was set up using Blender, Quixel Mixer, KitBash3D and Megascans assets, and Unreal Engine 5.2, with its Nanite and Lumen tools having been used for all the models and foliage and global illumination and reflections, respectively.

I was originally placing it at around 20,000 – 30,000, but I do think that Skyrim’s climate, with bitter winters and permafrost in the ground, would make agriculture difficult, and so a smaller overall population would seem to make more sense. But again, this is pure conjecture," comments the creator. "From a playability standpoint, I’m not sure that you’d actually want something this big – it’s a lot of work for the artists and you run the risks of making a big, empty world with not much to do. But for lore visualisations like this – not really an issue!"

And here are some behind-the-scenes shots shared by the artist:

Last year, Leo also revealed a UE5-powered recreation of the game's Dawnstar, a more realistic take on the city made to practice snow workflows and stress-test Lumen and Nanite:

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